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Price increases with every sold unit
Price increases with every sold unit
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About this picture

“I took this photo of John Boyega, one of my favorite restaurants, Nemo studio at the Beaumont hotel. I was shooting part of the men of the year portfolio for British GQ. It was a cover story and, we sort of sat down to have a drink in one of these booths in this dining room. It has a light just over here, which is a sort of a great light. That’s just there a great practical light that works well for the porch chair. And I suppose what I like about the picture is the feeling that he’s having a drink with me. You know, he’s not posing for a photo where I’m maybe on a long lens, a long way back looking in, but you sense the aspects of the lens. It was shot on the like Q2, it’s a crop again. It’s very much an honest shot of someone looking straight into the eyes of someone else having a conversation. And that’s someone else’s meat, and I’m taking pictures. There’s this sort of after hours feel to it, the sort of, bow ties undone, crisp white shirt, but you get the feeling that it’s almost like going for a late night breakfast after a, after a ward shower, a big night out or something like that, it was taken several years ago now. And, and John has just become a big and a bigger star and more and more sort of, I suppose, important actor and more politically minded as well. And it’s something I love about it. Cause he had that sort of authority that he’s now got, he had it, he had it then and he had this star quality that I keep coming back to, but it is effortlessness and it is authenticity. And you feel it in bundles in this picture.”