Leica Summicron SL75 Lens — Black anodized finish


Greg uses two longer lenses with his SL2—the 75mm and the 90mm—preferring primes for their aperture and mobility. 


“I probably shoot 75% of my long lens photos on the SL75 lens on the SL2.”

Greg Williams

He is particularly fond of the 75mm as a partner for the 28mm on the Q2. Being the shortest of the portrait lenses the 75mm makes for easy transitions with the 28mm on the Q2.

The APO-Summicron-SL 75mm f/2 ASPH. has its own special qualities: they are compact, fast and deliver outstanding performance. Their speed enables a wide range of new options, for instance, the creative use of depth of field to isolate subjects from the foreground and background, showing the special bokeh Leica lenses are known for.  

A further highlight is a significantly shorter closest focusing distance (0.5m) that lets the photographer capture fast movements or the use in challenging lighting conditions.  

The construction and design of the Leica APO-Summicron-SL 75mm f/2 ASPH. clearly illustrate the next step in the development of lenses for the Leica SL-System. The result is reflected not only in more compact dimensions, but also in the significantly lower weight of the lenses. The exceptional performance of the lenses already available for the Leica SL has actually been surpassed, not only in terms of resolution, colour and contrast rendition, but also in the homogeneous centre-to-edge sharpness at all aperture settings. A further new highlight is a significantly shorter closest focusing distance and faster autofocus with Dual Syncro Drive™.  

• Diagonal angle of view: 32 degrees
• Focusing range: 0.7 m to infinity
• Largest reproduction ratio: 1:7
• Number of lenses/groups: 7/5
• Length: 66,8mm
• Weight: 430g
• Lens hood: telescopic and lockable
• Filter/filter thread: E49  
• Made in Germany

Lens, Lens hood, Rear lens cap, Lens cap, Soft case