24x32″ Signed Limited Edition of 10
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30x40″ Signed Limited Edition of 7
Price increases with every sold unit
50x72″ Signed Limited Edition of 3
Price increases with every sold unit
12x16″ Studio Stamped Edition of 100
10x12″ Studio Stamped Edition of 150
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About this picture

“Technically, this photo’s all wrong. It’s lit very harshly from above, and you’ve got Ed Sheeran and Elton John sharing a jug, but they’re literally cackling like old friends, and there’s no artifice in this picture whatsoever. What you get here is a genuine sense of Elton, a genuine sense of Ed Sheeran, and a real sense of their relationship. So, you’ve got a laugh, but technically, it’s a really poor picture. We’ve got this very harsh top light, which is lighting Elton to the point that he’s sort of almost like the Joker, the way he’s laughing so hard, and Ed’s in shadow. And I actually think many of the best photos in the world are technically poor pictures. There’s so much wrong with this picture that it almost makes it right. It’s joyful, it’s honest, and you believe it, and everyone that sees it smiles.”