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Price increases with every sold unit
Price increases with every sold unit
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About this picture

“I took this photo of Dakota Johnson in Venice during the film festival. And I literally met her about, I dunno know, probably 20 seconds before I took this photo. And we just went for a walk and we left the party that was behind us and went for a walk. I love the vanishing point in this picture and where she stands within it. There’s a lovely gust of wind sort of blowing her dress. And she looks entirely natural, entirely at ease, entirely authentic, I love the tilt of her head. And then how the sort of the lights, the street lights behind the water reflected off the tarmac. All together, it creates a really cinematic portrait of someone that’s also really a reportage picture. It was shot on a Leica Q, which I think it was back then. I don’t think the Leica Q2 had been invented on their fixed 28 mil lens. All these pictures exist as color as well. I shoot raw and I chose to put this out as black and white cause I preferred it as a black and white.”