Price increases with every sold unit
Price increases with every sold unit
Price increases with every sold unit
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About this picture

“I took this photo of Christopher Walken at the Academy Awards. He was about to present an award and there was a sort of green room where most the sort of actors or talent hang out before doing so, and there’s another room where they have their makeup done, but this was just some sort of random office. It wasn’t a holding room at all, and I just walked past and he was sitting there and it was one of the very rare times in my life that I didn’t introduce myself before taking a picture ’cause in general, it’s a rule of mine that you always introduce yourself, but it was such a perfect moment and he is such a hero of mine. I said, “I’m sorry, ’cause I always introduce myself, “but that’s just such a great photo.” And I took the picture and I literally took, I think, one or two frames, and I went up to him, I said, “Look, sorry. “It’s just so cool with the poster.” I think it’s Fellini or someone in the background directing in that poster. And I said, “Sorry, it was such a cool moment.” He went, “Hmm.” And I ran out and carried on with the madness of the job. But it was one of my favorite shots from that Awards. Not only do I love this picture ’cause of the moment and the memory it is for me, but I also love the sense point perspective of this image, where he’s in the middle and the two desks either side are drawing your eye and then the poster that’s behind him, even though he’s far from framed by it, you do sense him within that frame. So your entire sort of journey as the observer is the sense point, whew, into the middle of the frame.”