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Daniel Craig in his stunt harness on location in Nassau, Bahamas. Casino Royale, 2006. Archival pigment print on Hahnemühle Fine Art Baryta Satin 300gsm.

Edition 2/10 – Price increases with every sold unit
Price increases with every sold unit
Price increases with every sold unit
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About this picture

“I took this photo of Daniel Craig in The Bahamas, and he’s just left his trailer and he’s heading to get into his car to set, and he’s wearing this harness that he used for doing stunts, and it was when they were doing the whole free-running sequences. He just looks incredible in this picture. And it’s one shot that whenever I show people, they go, “Ah!” There’s something about his physique and how the harness is, it’s so tight on him that you could almost see his entire body. Absolutely at his prime, the super cool sunglasses on his head, and he just looks like such a man on a mission. It’s a picture that I’ve loved for a very long time.”